Thunderbolt (Savannah) to Beaufort South Carolina

Nice sunrise to start the day. I had the folding bike out and was just about to ride to Walmart and the West Marine when the crew of two of the boat I have met and am traveling with told me they were heading out this morning for Beaufort instead of staying Savannah another day. The weather is forecast to be pretty bad for the next day, when I was planning on making the trip. So, I put the bike back on the boat, and quickly shoved off bound for Beaufort. Sorry I missed the second day of Savannah, but I have seen the historical sites several times previously, and the boardwalk on the water, whereas I have never been to Beaufort and was really looking forward to seeing it.
Crossing the Savannah River – lots of current, and dolphins!
Doboy Sound, the first sound I crossed today on the way to Beaufort.
Leaving that sound on the way to fueling up for the first time on this trip.
Leaving the fuel dock at Hilton Head Harbor Marina. I have now been able to calculate my fuel mileage, and I am getting over 15 miles to the gallon!
Cape Royal Sound was the second and last sound I crossed for the day – this one was a little rough because of the ocean rollers coming in, and it is a very wide sound, so it took me a while to get across it.
There is Adagio at the Beaufort City Marina dock. It is very rough and windy out there – even at the dock.
The city marina office – one of the benefits of staying here is that they have a courtesy car that I can borrow for up to an hour. I chose not to – I really enjoy riding my bike every where I want to go.
Like this beautiful park on the water…
I really like this town – lots of places to enjoy the water view.
Nice places to eat and drink overlooking the park and the water.
And the requisite pirate ship along the seawall.
Next street over is filled with quaint shops and restaurants/bars.
Looking the other direction down the street with shops and restaurants/bars.
Lots of historical homes…
And churches and more homes.
Got on the bike to ride to Walmart to buy extra oil filters, an oil filter wrench, some Rainx, and two types of bug repellent devices. The no-seeums, horseflies and mosquitoes are notorious in these parts. For some reason, even though my boat is not easily closed up so that no flying bugs can get in, they haven’t really bothered me that much so far on this trip. On other peoples boat though, it has been a different story.
On the way back from Walmart, I couldn’t help stopping at a Taco Bell, and having some of their new offerings. Even though I know it is not good for me, I was craving a Mountain Dew, so I got that also and mixed in the Mango tea they had there as well – yummy!
The bike really is amazing – I couldn’t get the huge backpack I was carrying in the picture, but with what is on the rack, it was quite a load. The bike did great – even both ways over the 65 foot bridge between Walmart and the Marina.
This was my route for the day.
Hung out on Bella Gatto on the way back to the boat, and made my reservations for the Charleston City Marina dock a few days from now. Tomorrow, I’ll tour more of the town with some of the crews from boats I have met in the last few days.