St Simon’s Island to Kilkenny Marine (about 12 miles from Richmond Hill, GA)

Leaving the marina at St Simon’s Island – using a shortcut under a 9 foot bridge, luckily my boat is only 8 feet high. There was fog this morning for about the first 2 hours. And the tide was against me most of the day – making for a very long day (59.5 miles in 10.5 hours).
Went through four ‘sounds’ today, which are inlets to the ocean, and where the intracoastal crosses them. The first was Altahama Sound – a little windy, but not too bad.
The next one was Doboy Sound, and again, not too bad.
Then came Sapello Sound, which was a little windier and rougher, but the boat handled it well.
A little further out in the sound – rougher but still good.
The I got to the last sound, St Catherines Sound, and it was much windier and rough, but again the boat handled it well.
Further into that sound and rougher still.
Some more white water – getting on the windshield now. The boat did great! I have video I will post also, but that takes a while to load, and it is about to rain here…
You can see the boat moving around and white water from the bow in the last sound.
Even after the roughest part, and going with the wind after having turned the point closest to the inlet, it was rough and rolly.
Had not planned it, but ended up pulling into a nice out of the way marina – Kilkenny Marina.
Here it is on Waterway Guide online.
Nice laid back place in the middle of nowhere…
Beautiful view…
This is where I had originally planned to anchor a few miles back, but wanted to get closer to Savannah, so tomorrow would not be as long a day on the water.
This was a lot of my route today – you can see the last two sounds I went through.