New River Inlet Anchorage to Beaufort NC

Nice sunrise – left this morning about 5:55 from the Camp Lejeune anchorage. Didn’t think I would be able to sleep well with all the noise going on, but actually did. Pulling up the anchor was messy – lots of mud, but otherwise to issue heading out.
The first inlet I passed – up til this point, the current with assisting me, but after this point it was mostly against me.
A US Army LST heading my way – probably back to Camp Lejeune.
Two out of three of the LSTs that landed here during the night were able to leave – this one appears to have misjudged the tide and is high and dry.
This was a large inlet to the ocean which was causing much of the current that was against me as I approached. I had hoped for an assist as I left it, but very soon after was Bogue Sound – a large body of water which spread out the water that would have sped me on my way.
This is the beginning of Bogue Sound – more than 10 miles long, and the wind was building from the south end, where I am now.
On the way up the sound, passed this large barge being pushed by a tugboat, which was hugging my side of the channel forcing me into shallower water – he had to do that because of the wind direction.
In the distance (a little over 10 miles away) you can see the bridge that I pass under to get to the Morehead City/Beaufort area.
You can see the fetch that allows the 15 mph wind to build some decent sized waves.
A little rough at this point – the boat is rolling back and forth in the wave troughs, meaning that I constantly have to put input into the steering wheel. This went on for over two hours and was a little uncomfortable.
Finally got through the bridge and am now approaching an area of the Intracoastal near the inlet at Beaufort which is local knowledge only – no charted path to get to my marina. It was a little unnerving, but worked out ok after I had seen several local traverse it as I approached.
Made it through that area not problem, now following the tour boat.
Approaching Town Creek Marina – had to wait for another boat to dock before me.
Just after I docked, a V22 Osprey flew over!
Great dock spot. And a small world story. The boat docked next to me is for sale – it is a 34 foot Mainship Tralwer, one of the types of boat I had been interested in to do the Loop. After I docked, the owner came over, and introduced himself. During our conversation, it turned out that he and his wife had come to see Catitude a couple of months ago to consider buying it!
The marina office – a restaurant/bar is on the second floor.
I saw this sailboat at the dock near me and had to go check it out. The couple that own it are going to sail it around the world.
I got the folding bike out and rode to the local Piggly Wiggly and did some shopping – 10 cans of tuna, sweet relish, and I splurged and got some chocolate chip cookies so I can have desert now and then. After the shopping trip, took the bike to town, which was over this bridge. The marina is between this bridge and the tall bridge in the background.
The County Courthouse.
And I am welcomed to Beaufort NC – the third oldest city on North Carolina. Georgetown, a few days ago, was the third oldest city in South Carolina.
Found the brewery in downtown Beaufort – nice little place.
They had a special on a flight of beers – there are my selections.
And here is the beer menu.
My route for the day. I am staying here tomorrow as well to see the crew of Bella Gatto, then I will head to either Oriental or Belhaven NC.