Leland Oil (McClellanville SC) to Georgetown

Beautiful sunrise – left really early this morning, 6:10 AM. Wanted to get to Georgetown before the wind kicked up.
Got boarded by the Coast Guard at 6:30 – they were concerned that I did not have my running lights on, although you can see it was light enough to see pretty well. They did a full safety inspection, which I passed – and got a ‘free pass’ in case I get stopped again.
After the boarding, the sunset was even better…
Crossing the Santee River – beautiful day, a little cool early on, but much warmer later.
Came upon a floating swing bridge – never seen one before.
Here is the actual bridge – it is a long barge that swings to the other shore and cars can drive across.
Made it to the Georgetown Harborwalk Marina before 11AM – great place.
This is the lounge, showers, laundry facility – very nice.
Amazing spot – walk out of the marina and I am on Front street, with tons of restaurants and bars within walking distance.
Theaters, restaurants and bars on both sides of the street.
The free Maritime museum.
A famous ship sunk during the Civil War.
The smokestack can still be seen sticking out of the water nearby.
Great spot – everything is right here.
Made an anchor bridle system for the boat.
Strong stainless U-bolts bolted into the hull with plates on both sides and set at the height of the rubber rail – so no chafe. Also very large strong line.
And a fitting that will connect to the last link of my 65 foot chain.
Buzz’s Roost – nice Terrapin POG IPA, overlooking the water along the Harbor Walk.
And then a $2 Founders All-Day IPA – they are giving them away…
The boardwalk along the water where most of the restaurants and bars are – our marina is just down the way.
Dinner out with a bunch of my cruising friends – really great group.
The next two days are forecast to be pretty bad weather – especially tomorrow, so I am not leaving until Sunday morning. Not a bad place to be stuck for a little while…