Kilkenny Marina (GA) to Thunderbolt Marina (Savannah)

Overcast day to start with, but tide going my way.
Now the tide is against me, but a nice sunrise is starting to appear.
And it gets even better, but the calm before the storm…
Lots of rain today – off and on, some of it heavy. This is after going through Hell Gate, a notorious section of the Intracoastal waterway in Georgia where the depth can get as low as 3 feet, and the current can be a bear. For me, I saw nothing worse than 5.9 feet deep, and the current was just barely against me – with me after I turned the corner from there.
Believe it or not, another Albin 25 (much nicer shape than mine) I met at Kilkenny Marina last night – he is catching me as he travels at 7.5 mph to my 6.5 mph.
Here hi is passing me – beautiful boat!
This afternoon was set aside for chores. The combination manual pump I rode all the way to the West Marine in Brunswick and back on my bike turned out to not work very well for any purpose I intended to use it for, which was pumping out the bilge and extracting the oil in my Yanmar diesel engine. The second day of pumping the bilge, the pump stopped working, so I had to ride to River Marine Supply down the road and buy a dedicated manual (hand) bilge pump and a vacuum oil extractor. First I pumped out the bilge, which took less than 10 minutes with new small manual bilge pump – worked great, way better than the pump that died. Then it was time to change the oil. I had brought several gallons of the required engine oil and a container in which to put the used oil. The previous owner had a new oil filter already on the boat, so I used that (have to buy some new ones at Walmart tomorrow). First, the cover had to come off of the engine which required removing the seat as well. Then, the oil extractor had to be hooked up (a small hose through the dipstick tube), and with several pumps of the handle, a vacuum formed. This sucked the oil out of the crankcase very effectively. I was able to get the filter off by hand with a little grunting, and then install the new FRAM filter. I added about 3 quarts (full capacity in this small engine) to the crankcase, checked the dipstick to be sure it was full, and then cranked the engine. No issues, and I re-checked the oil level afterwards and all was good.
I’m doing the laundry (must last chore for the day) while I am writing this.
This was today’s route – about 32 miles in 5 hours. Even with all the rain, it was a nice trip – glad to be here. Tomorrow morning, I’ll go to West Marine and Walmart, then in the afternoon try to go down to the river downtown on the bicycle.