Jacksonville to Cumberland Island

Nice sunrise and calm river after a horrendous rain last night.
The bridge across Nassau Sound – the inlet and ocean is on the other side. Still pretty calm.
An interesting research vessel just before the St Marys River inlet.
Not so calm now – was a little worried about crossing the St Marys inlet Sound.
Turns out it wasn’t so bad – there is the inlet and ocean.
First sight of Cumberland Island – my next stop.
The Cumberland Island Ferry – it ferries people from St Mary’s, up the river, to Cumberland Island. You can only get to the island by boat.
This is the first dock I came to – would have liked to come ashore here, but they are repairing the docks. The next dock, where I came ashore is well over a mile walk back to here, where my tour of the island really started.
This is the dock I came ashore on – much better shape.
The visiting boats anchor out here and dinghy in to the dock.
I am finally anchored and ready to go ashore – the trip was about 5 hours.
My dinghy at the dock.
And there is my boat, anchored out.
The first informational poster board in the park. There is a $10 entrance fee – well worth it!
Some of the famous wild horses that roam the island – I understand there are about 170 of them.
The road the the Carnegie ruins of Dungeness.
Entrance to the main house.
The main house – abandoned, then destroyed by fire in the 1950s.
More of the main house grounds.
More ruins…
And more…
This was a huge estate.
Historic Island graveyard.
View inland from ‘Mount Cumberland’ (self named).
View toward the ocean dunes.
The Boardwalk path towards the beach and the ocean.
If you zoom in on this photo, you can see a couple of the feral horses down on the beach.
Nice day at the beach…
Beautiful old oak trees.
And what many of them were used for.
Wildlife and the story of the horses.
My anchorage for the evening. Planning on being on St Simons Island tomorrow.