Georgetown SC – waiting through the storm

The day started off windy and blustery. As the day went on the wind got stronger and it rained very hard at times – turns out I fixed one of the leaks from rain in my boat though 🙂
And here comes more rain…
Lots of rain – glad I’m not on the boat right now.
Its getting windier – already 37mph gusts. The worst part of the storm is supposed to hit in about an hour.
This has been my ‘office’ for much of the day – planning the next few days journey and staying out of the storm and rain. Plus I can see my boat and the boat next to me from here.
I have a video to add (still processing) just before the storm hit. When it did hit, gusts were over 40 mph, but luckily didn’t last very long. Still blowing out there, but looking better for 2 days from now when I leave for my next destination.
The Albin was rocking and rolling even before the worst of the storm, but the extra lines I added (blue) really helped. Here, the wind is blowing about 25 and gusting to 37. When the storm hit, I almost couldn’t see the boat through the rain and wind-driven water.