Georgetown final day – waiting out continued high winds

Nice clear cold (53 degrees) final day in Georgetown SC – I have really enjoyed it here, the town, the marina, the boating friends…
Early on a Saturday morning, the town is clear and quiet – although later it certainly livened up. This apparently is a destination for many people on the weekends.
While I was walking down the boardwalk along the water, I saw this C Dory – very much like the one I have that I had considered doing this trip with. These people are doing the loop as well – even though this is just a 23 foot boat, it certainly cost them 60-90,000 dollars, more than 10 times what my boat is worth.
I spent a lot of time in the Maritime Museum today – lots of boating history in this area.
The Henrietta – a very famous ship built in this area in 1874.
Today was a relatively lazy day for me waiting for the wind to die down so I can resume my trip. Winds today were 25 mph for much of the day and cold. I walked through the town several times (over 11000 steps), and read a book in the marina lounge. Also pretty much all prepared to shove off early tomorrow morning, when it is supposed to be 48 degrees – Brrrrr!