Cumberland Island to St Simon’s Island

New friends on Bella Gatto (a 36 foot Endeavor Catamaran powerboat) I met in Jacksonville – popped out to get a picture of us and the sunset while I was having dinner with them on their boat.
Leaving the anchorage at Cumberland Island – overcast and cool but calm.
A nice sunrise finally appeared…
Kings Bay – a US Navy submarine base. Lots of security here.
If you zoom in, you can see that my Garmin chartplotter shows me just having run through a shoal.
Here is the comparison between the Navionics app running on my LG tablet versus the Garmin chartplotter. The Navionics app shows that I am in the channel and doing just fine. Its important to have at least 2 sources of chart information, as they sometimes disagree.
Passing the Jekyll Island marina – I stayed there last year when I brought Catitude home.
The huge bridge to Brunswick is in front of me just before I turn in to the sound between Cumberland Island and St Simon’s Island.
In front of me is the inlet to the ocean between Cumberland Island and St Simon’s Island.
My first view of St Simon’s Island.
Docked at Morning Star Marina – Golden Isles. St Simon’s Island is just on the other side of this waterway.
The marina office with my boat just down the dock.
Riding my Dahon Mariner folding bike across the bridge from the marina to St Simon’s Island.
St Simon’s welcomes me to their island – really nice sidewalks to ride the bike on, nicely shaded.
Decisions, decisions…
The airport was right there at that sign, and there was a nice jet taking off.
Went to the village first.
At the end of the village street is this great area and pier overlooking the inlet and ocean.
A huge ship going out the inlet just as I got to the lighthouse.
The St Simon’s lighthouse.
Stopped at Gnat’s Landing and got a Terrapin IPA before riding back to the marina.
After I got to the marina (rode about 5 miles earlier), I rode another 8.2 miles to Brunswick and back, over 4 bridges each way to go to West Marine. My bilge pump has stopped being able to keep or generate a prime, so it just runs and runs – draining the battery and not the water in the bilge. Also, it is about time for an oil change, and the cheap oil extraction pump I bought from Amazon has already died. So, I bought a manual hand pump to drain the oil and bilge at West Marine. Anyway, on the way to West Marine I was able to ride the bike all the way (with the wind), but on the way back to the marina, I had to walk the bike about a third of the way up the 65′ bridge.
After that major bike ride over the bridges to West Marine in Brunswick and back, I celebrated with a Scofflaw POG IPA at the Marina restaurant/bar.
This is the device I bought at West Marine to allow me to drain the engine oil and the bilge.
The end of today’s route.