Beaufort South Carolina

Really nice sunrise this morning – took this one from the end of the dock my boat is tied to.
A Thermacell – a flying insect repellent device, mostly for mosquitoes but seem to keep no-see-ums away as well. Tried to buy one at Walmart yesterday, but they only had the large ones – ended up getting one at the Grayco hardware store on the way back to the boat.
I rode my bike a lot through town today, and decided to go to the Visitor Center first – unfortunately closed on Sunday. I guess visiting Sunday only is not recommended.
Lots of history here – this is at an old church.
Lots of graveyards and cemeteries and churches in town – this one is the South Carolina National Cemetery.
The Marina and mooring field in the river.
With the previous picture and several more that I took, my phone automatically made this panorama picture for me.
Really beautiful old home across the road from the waterfront.
Turns out the ‘pirate ship’ I took pictures of yesterday at the waterfront park seawall is actually a replica of the Santa Maria, just now visiting the US – pretty amazing!
The Santa Maria replica from the stern – look at that rudder.
I still have almost half of my Yuengling 12-pack of beer I started the trip with, but decided that I wanted to spice up my selection a little, so I rode across the bridge again and found this Sweetwater Variety Pack. I took the 12 bottles of beer out of the cardboard container and put them in my large backpack.
Put on the backpack (pretty heavy), hopped on my trusty steed, rode back across the bridge to the marina, and put these in my refrigerator on the boat.
After lunch on the boat, I went to the local waterfront sports bar, and had a local beer.
Lots of moss-covered oaks and more old beautiful homes.
Rode the bike along the river I will be traversing early tomorrow morning…
And ended up going to the far side of town to a park where the road ends.
On the way back from that park, I saw this house with nice-looking stairs going up to the main entrance.
I ran into my friends on Bella Gatto out bike riding, and they told me about this awesome trail (Spanish Moss Trail), so I rode my bike up there to check it out.
The Spanish Moss Trail was originally a railroad which connected this area to the rest of the country around the Civil War era. This is the train depot – I actually got there on Depot Road.

I ended up riding about 3 miles on the trail – very nice for bike riding and walking, lots of people out doing just that.
I ended up leaving the Beaufort City Marina while it was slack tide, so I could get out of there in the light. I had asked them not to put somebody directly behind me on the dock – at least leave me 10 feet, but they did not do that. A very large trawler was parked about 3 feet behind my boat and another was about 5 feet in front. Leaving at 6:15 in the morning when slack tide occurred then would have been a harrowing experience. I have anchored on the other side of the bridge – much better protected from the wind and waves, and I can now leave early in the morning without worrying about hitting someone’s boat. I’ll probably sleep better tonight anyway.