Beaufort NC day 2 – hanging with Bella Gatto Crew

Started the day touring the town – if I come back here, I would anchor out and use this park’s dinghy dock, nice place.
Went to the North Carolina State Parks area exhibit – they have wild horses here too.
Lots of State parks and history in this area… Lookout Point in particular.
Actually – Cape Lookout, lots of wrecks here because of the point of land sticking out into the ocean.
Right across from Front Street is and Equestrian Preserve and park.
I could have taken a ferry to Cape Lookout, but there is plenty to see here. Interesting to show how the lighthouses look different.
Went to the North Carolina Maritime Museum – their first attempt at life boats.
The other side of the exhibit…
This area is thought to be where Blackbeard hung out and lived – this is a live representation of what his cabin was like on the ship he commanded.
The full view of what his cabin may have looked like on his ship.
A view of the recovery vessel above the wreckage of his command ship.
The history of his reasoning for being in this area.
What they believe his command ship looked like based on what they found at the site.
Whaling was a big industry in this area long ago – here is a skeleton…
A full size replica of a local sailing vessel early in the history of this area…
Street view of the North Carolina Maritime Museum.
Across the street they have the Wooden Boat building center…
On Google Maps, this is the house that Blackbeard lived in, in this area.
Just 2 doors down, is this Pub, which is in a very old building (1881) where I was able to get local knowledge and find the actual location of the house.
On the way there, I probably saw the 2nd oldest house in Beaufort (1778).
But, of course, before I went there I had to have a local IPA at this place – the pub in that old building…
The house is called Hammock House, and is on Hammock Lane…
Here it is – the bartender at the pub told me that they have really fixed it up – when he was young, it was abandoned and the kids would dare each other to stay the night there – supposedly haunted…
Something I noticed as I rode through town – most of the homes are very small.
The other brewery in town – very hard to get to, and they do not sell to stores in the area.
Nice place and good beer – they got the last of the keg of a great IPA, lots of yeast…
Really enjoying that IPA – not clear at all, a lot of yeast.
This is what is was called – really good. Met up with Bella Gatto crew at another bar with good IPAs, and $2 cheeseburgers – great way to end the day!