Great Loop 2022, postponed to 2023 – Preparing FELIX

FELIX – the picture at Squid Lips being used for my boat cards
Building the new framework for 500W of solar panels
Finished framework for the solar panels
Solar panel installation begins
All solar panels mounted. 100W each on the outside, charging the starting batteries. The two inner 150W panels charge the 200 Amp Hour Li-Ion battery bank which runs the 24/7 refrigeration onboard.
The 200 Amp Hour Li-Ion battery bank with its own solar controller
The battery bank and the Coleman electric cooler it runs 24/7 for refrigeration onboard
The solar controllers for the starting batteries
Fiberglass repair work that has been needed for years on Felix to stop some water leaks – finally getting done
Safety equipment (fire extinguishers, boat hooks and rear anchors) mounted for the trip
All of this was removed from the open compartment which will become my sleeping quarters for the trip. I had actually removed many more life jackets prior to this picture.
This will be my sleeping quarters – lots of work before it will be ready. Mom is cleaning and painting this area as my Xmas present this year 🙂 I will be installing a new plywood platform for the bivy tent I will be sleeping in each night. More pictures to come when the platform and tent are in…
Getting much cleaner…
My Mom at work – thanks Mom!!!

Pictures of SkeeterCat

The start of documenting my 2020 Great Loop trip (which never happened because of COVID).

SkeeterCat – the boat I will use for the 2020 Great Loop…

As you will see next, SkeeterCat was not used for the Great Loop – changed my mind and decided to use FELIX for 2022.