Packing up the bike to ship it to Buffalo

Originally, I was going to drive up and back to Buffalo and take the bike with me. Plans changed and I decided to fly which meant shipping the bike to and from Buffalo, and getting a bunk at a hostel for the day I arrive and the night before I leave to go back home. I decided to use Bikeflights to arrange the shipping. I bought their purpose built bike box to ship the bike in.
They have great videos which show how to put the box together – took me less than half an hour.
Then even more videos which show how to take the bike apart and pack it – this is the frame with padding added to protect it. The Bikeflights box also has mounting holes in it and custom bungies to secure the bike parts to the box so they don’t move around during shipping.
The wheels and tires are pretty big. I really needed to unmount the brake discs before shipping, but none of my hex tools fit the bolts. I even went to Lowes and bought two sets, and none of those fit either.
It all fit in the box – just barely!
Here is the box closed up with the bike in it – all ready to ship! Took it to the local UPS Store this morning – it should be in Buffalo by the 28th. I had it shipped to the local bike shop up there, and they will unbox it , put it back together, and then tune it for the ride. I will pick it up hopefully on my arrival in Buffalo on the 5th of July.

The New Bike

Originally I was going to take my mountain bike on this ride, but after riding it longer distances, decided that another bike would be better for this ride, which is part road and part gravel. After some research, I found this ‘new’ category of bicycle called gravel bikes, which are supposedly a cross between a mountain bike and a road bike. I found this Salsa flat-bar bike online from REI, and ordered it. Here I am picking it up at the REI in Winter Park.
Really enjoyable drive, except for the love bugs – got to see parts of Orlando and Winter Park I had frequented when I lived there, to pick up the new bike.
Just about to put it in the car and make the drive back home – it is relatively light, so much easier to load than my mountain bike.
Got the bike home and have already added an underseat bag with 2 water bottle holders. I really like this bike!

Cycle the Erie Canal 2019

Since I did not complete the Great Loop this year, stopping in Norfolk and trailering the boat home, I decided that I did not want to miss the Erie Canal, so I signed up to do the Cycle the Erie Canal 2019 bike ride. It is a 400 mile ride over 8 days from Buffalo to Albany on trails and roads right next to the Erie Canal. I am going a day early to do an optional pre-ride from Buffalo to Niagra Falls and back before the ride starts on July 8. When the ride is complete, I will take the shuttle that brings me and my bike back to Buffalo so I can fly home.

This says 2015, but I will be riding this year – 2019!